I love pointing out the best in ambitious and hardworking people and to caption it on a photo. Show your power, influence and strength and I will make sure it gets caught on camera, no matter what you do, whether being a business man, an athlete or a model who needs a quality portfolio. I know most of you have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and those WhatsApp profile pics need to be good too. Say no more, I am here to make your profiles look fully professional and neat.

Food, products and interiors

Okay, maybe it would be a bit too much if I followed you to every restaurant and bar you go to and take pictures of your food and drinks, but we can arrange some photo shooting for all types of products you would like to present in order to sell them. I take care that the audience you’re aiming at gets everything they want to know from a few photos of the product. We’ve all been Internet shopping and we all know how important that is. I also love to take field trips, which means we can have photo shoots outside the studio.


If I forgot to mention some types of shootings I do, have no fear, they are all placed in this endless category. I will be happy to caption any funny, wonderful, sentimental, important, historical, epic moment in order for you to have great memories of it. Events, sales, family get-togethers, interior, exterior, you name it, I will take a picture of it!


Before you decide we should communicate through a camera lens, here is the basic info you need to know!

Not only that I find my focus through the above mentioned lens, I like to provide my clients a complete marketing service based on a six-years experience in the field. Images do speak louder than words, but marketing combines both! So if you think my set of skills sounds helpful, take a look at my portfolio and find your preferences.

What Client Say

  • When working with Sara, one is certain at the very beginning of the cooperation that he is in for a great business experience. Needles to say that she took photos of our food, events and business portraits of our team. We are extremely pleased to have a responsible and pleasant photographer such as Sara!

    Vedran Tršić
    director of food and beverages in D-resort
  • Sara did an amazing job, I am very satisfied with the way these head-shots turned out. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, all I had to do is find the perfect photographer and Sara was absolutely the right choice. I warmly recommend her, you will enjoy her warm and, at the same time, professional approach.

    Milan Belojević
    investment director
  • I’ve cooperated with Sara on a couple of projects and I can only say good things about her work. Communicating with her is extremely pleasant and, above all, on a professional level. There are so many business qualities she owns, however I would like to state out some of them such as adapting to her clients and the most comfortable atmosphere she achieves on sets. I am very pleased with our cooperation in marketing, a job truly well done! Thank you for all the great moments!

    Kristina Hošnjak
    lecturer and creative leader in AOMA
  • I loved working with Sara! She really listens to her clients and knows how to accentuate the important characteristics of any object she is photographing. She took pictures of my business place, business portrait and took some shots for our marketing. Not only was it a great cooperation between Sara and Translector, but I can honestly say I have made a great new friend!

    Ana Babić
    CEO of Translector
  • I think Sara’s work says the most about her work ethics and the principles she uses in her profession. Her photos really caption the essence of what faces her camera and she frames it brilliantly with her creativity and marketing skills. She is always a positive and communicative associate and one can honestly rely on her in any situation. After the shootings all that was left for the two of us was enjoy the results we’ve got in our work.

    Selma Kapetanović
    CEO of Korkyra Jewelry
  • Sara is the whole package, she was organised, punctual, detail-oriented and thurough, but at the same time very creative and flexible. A professional and an artist in one. More importantly, Sara has a calm and comforting presence. She also provided me with a product tailored specificaly for my needs.

    Romana Kirinić
    trainer in IN SHAPE fitness studio
  • Having taken professional photos in studio is something I couldn’t even imagine doing for myself before, I was so nervous and wasn’t sure what would I have to do. But Sara just made all those fears and anxiety go away with her relaxed and kind approach! I ended up enjoying posing and pretending to be a model and she really made me feel super self-confident and proud! Not to mention that the final results were amazing! She is an an excellent photographer and I am very happy that we cooperated!

    Mirna Vučetić
    phoneticist and translator for Czech language
  • We were in the middle of the rebranding of Letifico, when I met Sara. Until our talk I had no idea how “average” our product packaging looked and how important it was that it looked inviting, before placing it on the market.Finally, we didn’t even do the photoshoot at first, but rather agreed on a more complex collaboration – Sara took over our marketing and sales, made sure her team created the best packaging and visual identity for our products and only then did we do the photoshoot. The collaboration didn’t end with the photoshoot – it only began, and we’re expecting big thing from our work together.

    Tomo Kamenjašević
    owner of Letifico


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