Business headshot

ClientMirna Vučetić, phoneticist and translator for Czech language

Business headshot:

If you’re not a professional model, you will find your own photo-shooting quite a challenge. That is something we want to avoid in order to get out the best of you and capture it on the photos. These photos are occasionally your first and only chance in making a good impression, so make sure you work with a photographer who is aware of this. We knew Mirna was not so confident in herself when she first came to our studio, but we made her feel comfortable not only with us, but in her own skin as well. The results are here to prove that.


At first I didn’t really understand the importance of a business portrait. I thought that an okay quality photo taken with a selfie cam would be enough. But then Sara explained it all to me so it made perfect sense and I just had to get some business portraits for myself. I can now say that this is what any self-respected business person has to have up their sleeve. It was a great pleasure working with Sara because she is really great at her job and she truly understands her customers, their desires and how to mix all of that with the professional matter of taking a business portrait.

Mirna Vučetić,
phoneticist and translator for Czech language