Business portrait

ClientRomana Kirinić, personal trainer

Business portrait:

When we think about personal trainers, we usually picture them in a gym, monitoring their clients and focused on their work out. However, we should think of them as some kind of entrepreneur’s which invest their time and energy in getting us in shape. In this case, we don’t want to see somebody in a suit, carrying a briefcase and talking on the phone. We want somebody in a great physical shape, with a strong and determined mind and somebody who will know what they are doing. Romana here is a perfect example of what a personal trainers business portrait should look like.


Sara is the whole package, she was organised, punctual, detail-oriented and thurough, but at the same time very creative and flexible. A professional and an artist in one. More importantly, Sara has a calm and comforting presence. She also provided me with a product tailored specificaly for my needs.

Romana Kirinić,
trainer in IN SHAPE fitness studio